PHPInvoicer - Version 0.4 UPDATED!
Date Posted:Apr,26 2005
Date Modified:Aug,9 2005

height=101Poster: bostonmacosx

New walkthrough can be found here. Quicktime 7 is required because the movies are encoded with h.264 codec.

UPDATE: Version .4 is going live. Fixes a few bugs, turns on option to use paypal on a per_invoice basis, and turns on e-mail support for email invoices to clients and the email from the contacts page. This is NOT turned on in the demo though for obvious reasons.
This is version 0.2 of PHPinvoicer. You have already read about it probably on hotscripts. I'll just provide you the link to it to try it out.
Please give it a try. Tell me what I need to improve and work on. If you are interested in a a copy please contact me. I'm asking a donation of $30 for the application. This will entitle you to any updates that I do for one year from your adoption of the web application.
I'm hoping that withing that year with feedback from people I'll be at version 1.0.
Please feel free to contact me at phpinvoicer with the same domain as the site.